Image Resizer


Being a photographer, I had the need to quickly resize my jpeg-images to different sizes after processing the RAW image files. As the websites to which I upload the files require two different resolutions, and always using The Gimp for resizing was not an option due to shooting too many pictures, I started a quest for an image resizing application. Unfortunately, I didn't find one immediately that could easily do batch-processing, so I wrote my own.
At that time I was using Gnome as my desktop, so it has some cool Nautilus integration. In the meantime I started using KDE again, but I haven't found out yet how to integrate it in Konqueror. If someone knows, please tell me.

Installation & Usage

If you want to use it in Nautilus, you have to copy the ungzipped file to the .gnome2/nautilus-scripts directory in your home directory (so ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts). After that you can simply access the script by selecting the files you want to resize and rightclicking in Nautilus
If you do not use Nautilus, you can put the file somewhere in your path (or in your home directory, but then you always need to start it using ~/img_resizer), after that you can just cd to the directory with the pictures you want to resize, type in img_resizer and enter. Then the script will ask you if you want to resize to 500 pixels, 800 pixels, or both.
In both cases (from Nautilus or from command line), the script will create two (or one if you selected only one size on the command line) subdirectories of the directory with the pictures, named mini and small. Then it will resize the pictures to 500 pixels (mini) and 800 pixels (small), and put the renamed files (mini and small added) in the according directories.


Image Resizer needs ImageMagick to work, and, of course, if you want it to work in Nautilus, you'll need that too...


Image Resizer for (Gnome) Linux.