HTML Summary: All your most used HTML Tags on one single page!

Note, all tags mentioned here have a corresponding closing tag which should always be used.
Tags that do not have a closing tag (empty tags), are denoted in the XML notation (<br/>).
Outlining your HTML-page
<!DOCTYPE>Sets the version of HTML
<HTML>Outlines the HTML document
<HEAD>Outlines the header part
<BODY>Outlines the body part
<!-- Place comment here -->Comments
caption Information
<META/>MetaData (creator, keywords,...)
<TITLE>Title of the webpage
<LINK/>Relevant resource
<STYLE>Style resource eg. CSS file
<SCRIPT>Script resource eg. Javascript file
Links or Anchors
<A HREF="">Link to another page or file (on same domain or external)
<A HREF=MAILTO:"">Link to an emailaddress (opens mailclient)
<A NAME="name">Creates an anchor in a page
<A HREF="#name">Links to an anchor in a page
Links or Anchors
<OL>Ordered List
<UL>Unordered List
<LI>List Item
<DL>Definition List
<DT>Definition Term
<DD>Term Description
Imagemaps and images
<IMG/>Inserts an image
<MAP>Inserts an imagemap
<AREA>Defines an area in an imagemap
Text formatting tags (applied to explanation)
<STRONG>Strongly emphasize the font
<EM>Emphasize the font
Long quote
Text is pre-formatted
<DEL>Deleted text
<INS>inserted text
<SUB>Subscripted text
<SUP>Superscripted text
<BDO>Text Direction
Structural Tags
<H[1-6]>caption (1 being top-level)
<DIV>Page section
<SPAN>Inline section
<BR/>Line break
<HR/>Horizontal line
Table Tags
<CAPTION>Caption (above the table)
<THEAD>Table header
<TBODY>Table body
<TFOOT>Table footer
<COLGROUP>Column Group
<TR>Table Row
<TH>Header Cell
<TD>Table Cell
Form Tags
<FIELDSET>Collection of fields
<LABEL>Input label
<INPUT/>Form input
<SELECT>Dropdown box
<OPTGROUP>Group of options
<OPTION>Option in dropdown box
<TEXTAREA>Large textarea input
<BUTTON>Button (send, ok, ...)