Google Adsense Tips

Nr 4. Don't put Google AdSense on an empty page

There is no use of putting AdSense ads on an empty page, or a page filled with "Lorem Ipsum" or other placeholder text. This is because of the way the AdSense system works. The first time some user gets to your new page, AdSense will try to find in its database what your site is all about, to make sure it can provide you with matching ads. It will find nothing in its database of course, since this is a brand new page. Then it will ask the Google Spider to come and take a look at this page, and index it. The spider will come, and index your page as dealing with "Lorem Ipsum", "Blah", "YaddaYadda", or even nothing at all. The next visitor will get to see some AdSense ads, but since the page is about nothing, the ads will be too, and same for the payout rate. Not a problem you say, when your content arives in your page, so will the relevant ads. Yes, indeed, but this can take a few weeks, since the Google Spider doesn't visit you that often (3 to 6 weeks).

Nr 5. Use Channels

Using your Google Adsense homepage, create channels, and use them to follow up on the popularity (Adsense wise that is) of the banners on your different pages. Give them descriptive names, so that you know which banner earned you which money. Use this information to tweak your pages, your banners, your placement, and your bannercolors.
For instance: give your channels names such as: If you use channels this way, Google offers you great ways of following up on the performance of your different pages. This way you can follow-up on the CTR of your different ads, and use the techniques described here in this article to increase that number.
Naturally, if you are already an AdSense publisher, you are now asking yourself, what a good CTR is. Well, for a forum, a CTR of around 0.02-0.08, a blog is mostly around 2-5%, and a content-page generally goes towards the 3-8%. If your CTR goes over 10%, I think we can say your AdSense campaign is quite successful.
The CTR of your page is mostly dictated by these four items: The first two of these are discussed in the next chapters of this article. As for the third item, good content makes the search engine spider love your page, index it higher, and visit more often. Plus, of course, and more important, it will make your visitors like your page, bookmark it, and come back to it. Besides, a happy visitor is a clicker-happy visitor.
As for the last item, having alot of visitors from autosurf programs is really useless. It lowers your CTR, and most of these visitors never glance at your site.

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