Stacy and Nathalie

Posted in Belgium at 7:50 by Borniet

Two young lives, gone forever. Again Belgium has to live with this horror. Another sick mind.

Please respect the innocence of children.

Why is it that our small peaceful (however, the last few months I begin to doubt that) has to be shocked by this type of cruel murders over and over again? I agree… maybe the parents aren’t free of any blame either, but nevertheless, our world should be one where our children are save on the streets. They should have the possibility to go out on the street and play, without the risk of being raped and murdered by a psycho, or shot by someone who feels that other races have no right to live, or driven over by someone who thinks he is the main star in the newest “The Fast and The Furious“. In that way I understand M. Night ShyamalanThe Village“, if I had the possibility to create a save haven for my children, I would, and I am quite sure that many people would follow.

Stacy, Nathalie, I pray that your innocent young lives were not ripped away from us for nothing, I pray that the grief of your beloved is not useless, I hope that people learn from it… At last…

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