The power to seduce women

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Why should you read this book? Because you, just like any other man, ask yourself the following question:
What is the real secret to success with the ladies? Tons of Lindendollars? A body like a greek god? A gigantic penis?
If you think the correct answer is one of these options, you are wrong! All of these might help you at first, yet non of them are required.
Right now, at this very moment, you already have all it takes to get all the girlfriends you ever wanted.

Sounds hard to believe, I know, can’t blame you for that. If all you’ve ever known is frustration because of answers like ‘no, I value your friendship too much’ and such, it
is very hard to believe that you can be a babe magnet, let alone, attracting babes that ready, eager, and willing to do whatever you want.

Before you delete this ebook, think. Can you remember the type of guy, we’ve all seen them, very average, ugly even, far from rich, a bit slimy, yet
lots of women around him, trying to please him in EVERY way? You must have seen them, they are all around us. And if they van do stuff like that, it must be because they
have something on the inside, not the outsude. And that, my friend, is the good news, since this means you can do the same, and we’re gonna teach you how.


The method is called ‘affirmation’. Affirmation is repeatedly saying some frases to yourself, untill you start believing them, and starting acting like them.
This is a well known technique, which is used in many ways. For instance to lose weight:

I will not stuff my ugly fat face with junkfood all day so it makes my ass look bigger than uranus. (yes, the pun was intended)

The disadvantage of this technique is, that while you are saying this to yourself, another voice inside your head (sometimes known by the name of Luigi, sometimes by many other names)
keeps telling you that it is not true what you are saying, that you are a big fat liar, and that you should punish yourself with a nice treat at the nearest McFatBurger restaurant.

Then how do we solve this problem? First of all, not by filling up our gutt with junk food, but by replacing the ‘I’ by ‘you’. This way, you don’t have to believe what you are saying,
because you are not saying it to yourself, but to someone else (Luigi, he can use some of this too!). However, by repeatedly saying it, your brain does pick it up, and starts to believe it anyway.


But then, what should I say to ‘Luigi’, what affirmations should I use? Well, you can use whatever you want, as long as they help you to attract women.
Since that is the whole starting point and problem, I will give you a few examples, which are already extremely powerful and useful.

1. You radiate warmth, charm and confidence, which women find irresistibly attractive.

2. You no longer are a failure with women, you now are a new man, and see yourself as such.

3. You have unlimited power to bring about your desire, you can meet, date and seduce any woman you want.

4. You always know the right words and the right moves to make a woman lower her defence.

5. You only have one focus on your mind, your desire, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

6. You radiate confidence, self control and power, which women find irresistibly attractive.

7. You have all the power needed to seduce any woman you want.

8. You easily see the potential in any woman, and can eliminate those that are timewasters.

9. You can have a life filled with attractive available women waiting for you, and every thought, word and action reflects that.

10. Your sexual powers with women are incredible. You have a sexual energy that arouses any woman that comes in your neighbourhood.

11. Your moves are powerful, graceful and yet aggressive, all which women find irresistibly attractive.

12. You cannot be controlled or manipulated by a woman, because you are aggressive, direct and powerful.

13. You have an irresistible power with women because you master the responses, actions, thoughts and processes to bring you that.

14. You can meet, date and seduce any woman you want, you have no limits with regards to getting a woman.

15. You are becoming more attractive every day, because you care for your grooming, style, and appearance.

16. You have unlimited power with women because you are vivid, compelling, real and aggressive.

17. You can ride the waves of a woman’s changing moods and emotions like a surfer rides the highest waves.

18. You only have one focus on your mind, your desire, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Now What?

Now, how do we get these affirmations inside your head. Well, first of all, write the affirmations down on a piece of paper.
Then take a casette player, MP3 player with record function, or mic of your computer. Go someplace where it is quiet, and will not be disturbed
(you do not want your mother (or let alone, your wife!) walk in on you while you are repeating to yoruself that you are a sexy beast).
Record each affirmation at least 10 times in a row, and work your way through all of the affirmations you have on your paper.
The recording should at least be 20 to 30 minutes. If it is not, repeat everything 15 times instead of 10.
Now listen to this recording at least 2 times a day. Do it when you get up, or when you go to sleep, or during any time of the day you can. Listening to
it while doing something else is a good thing, since you do not HAVE to actively listen to it, just let it play.
Now, after a week or two, you will start seeing small changes in the way you behave related to women. You will become more self assured, will find
the right words more easily.
Very important now: this technique only works when you let it! Do not force yourself to help yourself out. Just go with the flow, let all go automagically.
Some people will say that they get a better result not listening to a recording of the affirmations, but actually reading them out loud to themselves.
This can be true, it depends from person to person.
This being said, it is possible that this supermethod works the best for you. Make the recording as explained above, but keep the paper on which you wrote
the affirmations. Then start playing the recording, and the meantime, say the affirmations out loud. BUT, do not start with the same affirmation as the recording.
Start with the second, so that you and the recording always read out a different affirmation. This way you overwhelm your conscious mind’s ability to keep track, which
will get the affirmations into your subconscious mind much faster.

Who me?

Why would this work for me you might say. I’ve only known babefailure all my life. If that is so, here is another exercise to start with.

Think of one of your biggest mistakes you ever made with a woman. Now take the pictures you are making inside your head, and push them away from you,
so that in your mind, you are looking at these pictures from a distance. Then think of at least three different things you could’ve done in that particular situation.
Make one up that is funny and ridiculous, one that is the exact opposite of what you actually did, and one other. Then imagine yourself in each one, and pick the
on you like best. Run through that one, and see how it turns out the way you wanted it to.
Now the most important, go back in your earliest memories, and try to remember the very first time you ever made this mistake. Then, in your mind, using the response that you like best,
correct that mistake, so it turns out the way wanted it to. Then go through each time you remember having made that mistake, and correct each one.
This will give you the feeling of always having it done right instead of wrong. This will give you great confidence for the future, and even better, should you still make a mistake, you now know a way
to learn from it, deal with it, and prevent it to happen again.

Happy woman hunting I would say.

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