Drug Dealers Vs Software Developers

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Drug Dealers Software Developers
Refer to their clients as “users” Refer to their clientsas “users”
“The first one’s free!” ” Download a free trial version…”
Have important South-East Asian connections (to help move the stuff) Have important South-East Asian connections(to help debug the code)
Strange jargon: “Stick”, “Rock”, “Dime bag”, “E” Strange jargon: “SCSI”, “RTFM”, “Java”, “ISDN”
Realize that there’s tons of cash in the 14- to 25-year-old market Realize that there’s tons of cash in the 14- to 25-year-old market
Job is assisted by the industry producing newer, more potent mixes Job is assisted by industry producing newer, faster machines
Often seen in the company of pimps and hustlers Often seen in the company of marketing people and venture capitalists
Their product causes unhealthy addictions DOOM. Quake. SimCity. Duke Nukem
‘Nuff said.
Do your job well, and you can sleep with movie stars who depend on you Damn! Damn! DAMN!!!
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The Ultimate Search Engine For Programmers

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A new search engine with the cool name ‘Krugle‘ has risen. It is aimed towards programmers, who are looking for an example of that specific function, or are looking for code for any other reason. Works kinda like Google.

Try it, bookmark it, use it!!!

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Losing Weight: Day 4, 5, 6 & 7

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I know, I been lagging a bit with my Diet Blog. Been spending most of my time in the hospital actually. Wednesday and thursday for myself, due to the chestpain, friday for my almost-brother-in-law, and on saturday for my girlfriend, who is pregnant, and had had contractions, and abdominal pains. Luckily, it all appeared to be ok, although we know now that labour is on its way…

On sunday, my other two children were with us, so we went to a large playground, so they could have fun, and my girlfriend could have a bit of rest. This meant eating fries of course, so much for the diet. Although the other days went just fine. I eat some pasta (not great for diet, but not too bad either), rice, and bread. Most important, I tried very hard not to overdo it on my plate, and stick to one plate.

So last night, the time of truth… 91.6 kgs!

Great! Not a big win yet, but already a start. It will drop more in the comming weeks, with less stress and pain, and more chances to stay at home and cook.

Will keep you updated! Come back to read more!

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Losing Weight: Day 2

Posted in Health at 9:48 by Borniet

A late talk about day 2. How come? Well, I got another set of warnings to REALLY lose weight… First of all, after only 3 hours at work, I got a real bad ache in my chest. I went to the infirmery at work, where they advised me to rest for 15 minutes. After that the pain was still there. I Was sent to my doctor then. The pain lasted for about 2 hours, then gradually disappeared. My doctor didn’t want to take any risk, and sent me to the nearest ER. There they started examining and testing me, especially my heart and lungs. Everything seems to be quite ok up till now (still some tests to go), but my weight does seem to be a problem.

Today (we are already at day 3 today ), the diet really starts…

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Losing Weight: Day 1

Posted in Health at 13:43 by Borniet

Bad news again, from another docter… My weight is a little on the higher side, and my body cannot cope with that. I have to lose weight. At least 10kgs, but I aim for 15 to 20kgs.

Today is my first day, my weight is 91.8Kgs at this moment.

How did I go about? Well, I started by eating a cup of meusli this morning at 6, as a healthy breakfast is already half the battle won they say, and it keeps the hunger away.

But to no avail, at 8.30 I’m feeling hungry again. I decide to wait one more hour, and then I eat one of the two bananas that I brought to work. And it helps… It manages to keep me quit hunger free untill noon.

At 12.30 I eat a sandwich with mozarella, pesto and tomatoes. I know it is not the world’s most fat-free sandwich, but I just love it. Besides… half an hour later, I already fail in my diet. After the sandwich I still feel hungry. So I go over to the vending machine, and get me a twix. Already (45 minutes later), I feel so guilty that I decide to start a weblog thread about my diet. Hoping someone will start reading it, and that this encourages me to continue.

Almost 2 pm, and already the second banana is gone… This is gonna be a long and hungry afternoon…

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Pixmantec taken over by Adobe

Posted in Photography at 14:48 by Borniet

Pixmantec announced today that their raw technology will be included in the next Adobe product named Lightroom. All of the Pixmantec people will become Adobe employees, and the development of RawShooter Premium will be stopped.

Users that bought their RawShooter Premium before July 12 2006 will get a free upgrade to Adobe Lightroom version 1.0 when that will be released.

RawShooter Essentials will most probably be discontinued.

This is a real pity, since RawShooter was elected by many photography websites and magazine to the best Raw conversion software available. And the extra fact that it was available for free was a big plus. No wonder they had the most users of all products.

Now the search can start for a decent and not too expensive replacement for RawShooter.

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34 Degrees…

Posted in family, General, Belgium at 14:24 by Borniet

Man it is hot outside…

I know this is still nothing compared to some parts of the world. I know, I’ve been to some of them. But for Belgium, this is very hot. The worst thing is my girlfriend, Nieke, who is 7,5 months pregnant, and having a really hard time carrying it all now. So to her I dedicate this post.

Thank you my love, for taking care of our baby so well…

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‘Rewired brain’ revives patient after 19 years

Posted in Health at 14:13 by Borniet

A study of the “miraculous” recovery of a man who spent nearly two decades in a minimally conscious state reveals the unsuspected potential of the brain to regenerate.
This is great news for all, and bad news for some…
Great for everyone, because it shows that our body is capable of much more then we could ever imagine, and hopefully we will start using more of our capacities.
Bad news for some, for those who lost a loved one like this, and now realise that perhaps he wasn’t that lost yet.

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