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Sun is shining brightly… with every now and then a shower of rain in between (more now than then, but ok, this IS Belgium after all).
The park next to the office I work in is looking very attractive now, with all the deep green trees, and the carefully placed ponds with bridges over them.
This morning I decided to bring my camera, to shoot some pictures , if possible, for the stock agency I work with (www.photographersdirect.com), and now I am glad that I did. I wait until the sun is shining very brightly, and then take the camera (an EOS 10D from Canon), and go outside.
As soon as I get out of the office, I hear the frogs calling out. I assume that this calling out is to eachother, in order to find a mating partner, and that they are not calling out to me, since as soon as they spot me somewhere (due to the showers, I am almost alone in the park) near, they are all silent, or dive in the water.
I try sneaking up on them, which works eventually, and the sight is beautiful. Tens and tens of frogs, lying in the water, on the lilyleaves, everywhere, blowing up their cheeks to call out for someone to make love to.

I managed to get some of them on my memorycard. Hope they turn out right, which is a big question mark, due to the slow shutterspeed I had to use. I will take a look at them this evening, and hopefully be able to post one to the readers here (if any) tomorrow.
I really hope they turn out ok, because they already cost me a new polarizationfilter… So…
Tip: Always screw on your polarizationfilter tightly before bending over a pond… The damn things come of faster then you’d expect!
Tip 2: If you already had an experience like this one: learn from it, don’t do as I did, I already lost my previous polarizationfilter in a river in Turkey :-)

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Eurovision SongFestival

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Great moments of the EuroVision SongFestival:
Russia: Nice song… But don’t hide your mistress in a piano!!! She may crawl out during your act…
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Nice looking Shakira immitation trying out some MTV-moves that are looking bad, probably because of the short jeans that is sneaking into her butt, singing something about “I wanna pee (???) with you”.
Lithuania: “We are the winners..Of EuroVision” A little low on inspiration perhaps? I do understand the crazy dude’s response to the music (freaking out on stage, I think it was his ‘act‘).

United Kingdom: 5 ’schoolgirls’ trying to sing together with a teacher rapping over it. Two problems, the rap sucked, and they forgot to teach the girls to sing ‘together’.
Finland: Great act, very daring to go to the EuroVision with this act and musicgenre. Looks funny though, nice monsters.
Ukraine: Another Shakira clone, nice looking, apparently a politician… Wonder why she got elected… If she wore the same during her campaign, I can guess. The song is ok, bit boring, but ok. The looks are very ok.
Croatia: Some weird sounds and speech, and someone in not much hiding clothes jumping and running around. Someone, who is apparently also a movie star, in a movie which can be used in biology class

For me… the winner is Russia…

(I loved the Belgian way of supporting our own Kate Ryan (see previous article)…)

In real it is…

The Finnish Monsters…
Well… congratulations Finland… Well deserved. Feels a bit like a finger up the a** for the EuroVisionSong Festival. Can’t dislike that.

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My colleague’s blog clopin.be mysteriously disapeared… Go looking for him at 7seconden.be.
Everyday there will be a new clue to find clopin.be. Perhaps one day even here?
Help us to find him!!!
Check out clopin.be!!!

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Kate Ryan’s Eurosong

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Kate Ryan sang on the semi-finals of the EuroVision Song Contest yesterday evening. Unfortunately, she did not make it into the finals. Which is undeserved I feel. Ok, I might be a little biased, since I am from the same village as she is (Tessenderlo a cosey big little village in de kempen, province Limburg, on the border with provinces Antwerp and Vlaams-Brabant), she even went to the same school as I did, and to the same Scouting group. But still, there were some pretty bad candidates, which did make it to the finals, while a song like je t’adore, which was internationally well received and appreciated, did not make it. I’ve been into the music scene for over 15 years (as a hobbyist bassplayer), but this EuroVision Song Contest doesn’t have anything to do anymore with music. Which is a pitty, especially if you see what it already brought us. Performers like Sandy Shaw, Abba (which still is great music, even after all these years), Johnny Logan and many many others. And Kate Ryan could’ve been the next in line. But unfortunately that didn’t happen.
Thumbs up Katrien!
You put Looi on the map!!!

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Yer Language

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Quote of the day, maybe even of the year…
As I was having a discussion with my brother, who is generally speaking with quite an accent, I told him that he should try to take more care over his language, since this will influence employers when he is on a job interview. I told him this exact phrase:
Ya should take care of yer language, cause yer language is yer businesscard!
We all did have fun…

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Soul of Reggae

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Tommorow is the exact 25th birthday of the death of the Soul of Reggae. Of course, I am talking about Bob Marley here, who gave us a great heritage of some of the greatest reggae songs.
I am not the great big Marley-fan. Nor am I the giant Rastafari Reggaelover. But I do appreciate reggae and Bob Marley, not only Bob Marley, also Eeck-a-mouse, Bob sinclar and others. Especially now, when the weather is getting better, and the sun is shining.
I listened to bufallo soldier just now in the car. A little tear fell from my eyes in respect for the Soul of Reggae.

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Cured from cancer by a mouse?

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An intresting post on Slashdot today (News for Nerds, of course!). Scientists found a single mouse in 1999 that was resistant to cancer. And, even better, they were able to breed with it, making a small army of cancer resistant mice. They also found out that transplanting blood from one of the ‘cancer soldiers’ was able to cures even the most aggressive cancers, and provides the receiver of the blood with ‘life long cancer immunity’, which in some cases is even inherited by the offspring.

I think I am not the only one, hoping that this discovery can make it’s way to humanity too, and fast…
Full Article on Science Daily

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Second day of blogging.

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Now, what can I say, today, I spent most of my time being annoyed by my employer, and researching the art of AdSense. I am not trying to get filthy rich in less then a year. I am trying to get a bit of an extra out of my websites using AdSense. So, I’ve started reading about Googles AdSense, and keywords, and I’ve decided to share what I’ve found out on my Googles Adsense page.

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Welcome to my new Blog

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Well, actually, it is not only my new blog, it is also my first blog. Not quite sure yet what it will become. Not sure yet how evertyhing works. I am pretty new to the blog-world in fact, but I like the idea of spreading some of my ideas and experiences across the net.

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