Borniet's Stuff Pages

Welcome to my Stuff Pages! What are Borniet's Stuff Pages? Well, everything that doesn't really belong to any of my other sites. Mainly some stuff that I want to share, such as tips on how to use Google Adsense, using Linux, webdesign tricks,...

Who is Borniet?

I am a man of 31 (however I often still feel more like a boy), living in Belgium. I am very much in love with my girlfriend Nieke, and love my 3,5 children (one underway).
My hobby is photography, and I am working in the IT world.

This website?

This website will mainly host some webdesign tryouts, and some tips & tricks & howto's for Google's Adsense, Linux, photography, Nokia Mobile Phones, webdesign (PHP and CSS), ...
So please come back often, as this will be kind of the place where I dump my thoughts.